At Boone we are working hard to create a culture of sustainability. Our goal is to reduced our carbon footprint and to accelerate real systemic change by encouraging our employees and customers to develop more socially responsible habits.


DID YOU KNOW? Plastic bags cannot be recycled with your residential plastic waste and will be redirected to the landfill?

Each year, Boone distributes approximately 100,000 packing pouches and 200,000 plastic bags with our customer orders. We need your help to keep those out of our landfills and oceans. Simply return your used Boone bags / pouches for reuse or proper recycling.


ON SITE: For your convenience we have placed collection bins outside each of our locations.

DRIVER COLLECTION: Collect your used bags and pouches on location and our delivery driver will gladly take them off your hands the next time you have a scheduled delivery.